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Krum, TX 76249
Church phone: 940-205-4080

Adult Sunday School Classes

Conference Room
This adult class looks at belief through the lens of Scripture. We have been accused of going in inch at a time and a mile deep. We hope we can find ourselves and today’s issues on almost every page. The story of God’s people is our story as well. The class reads from all section of the Bible, a book at a time. We are currently wrapping up the Acts of the Apostles.  

Books & Belief 
Youth Room
This group looks at belief through the lens of various books about the faith. Recent books include Seeing Gray in a World of Black and White by Rev. Adam Hamilton and The Hole in our Gospel by Richard Sterns, President of World Vision. Despite the serious tone, there is always a sense of joy and plenty of laughter, and yes, sometimes tears in our class. Our discussions are always rooted in scripture, but not always the comfortable scriptures.